We help in the organization of the funeral and consolation

We offer you the following burial services:

– funeral formalities,
– organization of vigils in one of three air-conditioned chapels,
– a large selection of wreaths, bundles and candles,
– preparation of slabs, death notices and sashes,
– wide array of coffins and urns,
– Choice of elegant funeral garment (both women’s and men’s)
– funeral devotions.

Cremation. We provide cremation services on special request.

We provide:

– transport of the deceased from the place of death,
– transport of the coffin with the body in the country and abroad,
– storage and adequate body protection (cooling),
– preparing the deceased for burial (washing, clothes, cosmetics, etc.)
– comprehensive burial service,
– in the case of a burial organization at home – delivery of funeral coffins and utensils to the deceased’s home,
– caravans on the day of the funeral,
– carriage of funeral participants (we have our own coach).

We have:

– experienced and trained staff,
– a fully equipped sound system,
– 3 air-conditioned chapels at ul. Przykoszarowa and the chapel at ul. M. Kopernika,
– caravans,
– parking.

We work for you 24/7. For carriage of the deceased as well as funeral information, please call: 86 218 92 83 We will certainly be able to help you in these difficult times.

We settle the funeral with ZUS, KRUS, MSWiA, WBE.
We have a parking lot in front of the office.
With respect to people with disabilities we also make formalities in the client’s home.


Najbliższa Msza Rocznicowa: 27.01.2024r., 24.02.2024r., 23.03.2024r., 27.04.2024r., 25.05.2024r., 29.06.2024r., 27.07.2024r., 31.08.2024r., 28.09.2024r., 26.10.2024r., 30.11.2024r., 28.12.2024r.

Jako wyraz pamięci o zmarłych i ich rodzinach co miesiąc w Parafii Bożego Ciała w Łomży , ul. Przykoszarowa 26 o godzinie 10:00 organizujemy msze rocznicowe za wszystkich zmarłych pochowanych 12 miesięcy wcześniej. Do wspólnej modlitwy za naszych zmarłych serdecznie zapraszamy rodziny, przyjaciół oraz znajomych.